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The Five Rules

From their in-depth study of current leptin research combined with personal experience and feedback from clients, Richards and Richards have developed the Five Rules. The bottom-line of the rules is to restore  the body's sensitivity to leptin.  Happily, this automatically leads to weight loss, particularly weight loss from the midriff.  However, the most important aspect of following the rules is that the body re-establishes the ability to efficiently produce energy from food.

When it comes to natural balance, timing is everything. The rules put the body back in sync. They are not rules for losing weight; they are rules to live by.  Not only will following them normalize weight,doing so protects those without weight problems from gaining weight as they grow older.

The Five Rules

The Weigh In


These two articles were reprinted from Mother’s Market & Kitchen Newsletter, Nutrition News Vol. XXVIII, No. 1

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